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2012 Collection of “how to” Films by Deborah Dolen on Amazon

Deborah Dolen’s DIY and “self help” books began to appear on the Amazon DPT Whispernet Platform in 2011.  In the summer of 2011 her DIY and vocational type films premiered on the Amazon Instant Download Platform in conjunction with “CreateSpace,” an Amazon subcontractor.  In August of 2011 Deborah Dolen’s books became available in French, Spanish, and German-as well as being offered on Amazons international platforms such as AmazonUK, Amazon FR (France,)  Amazon IT (Italy,) and Amazon GE (Germany.)  On December 18th, 2011 Deborah Dolen reached a deal with Amazon to offer any of her Kindle books at no charge to Amazon Prime members globally. 

Deborah Dolen filming Floral Design 101

Deborah Dolen filming Floral Design 101

Deborah’s favorite films are Floral Design 101 and 102.  This is because of the thousands of flowers used in the filming, and the fact the film crew had to film 24/7 due to the life of the flowers.  You would not know it, but the intro was filmed at 3:00 AM.  So, for seven days Deborah was surrounded by thousands of her favorite flowers while filming.  The flowers ended up being sixteen floral arrangements that were donated immediately to long term recovery units at near by hospitals.  Deborah and the film crew, including Mel Tills’s nephew Patrick Simmons-were able to personally deliver the arrangements and chat with residents.  What Deborah did not expect was residents sharing rooms wanting their “own” arrangement.  There were enough arrangements for one per room.  Deborah went home and simply made more and brought them back for the few not wanting to share.  By the time she returned they had reached an agreement to share!  

Deborah Dolen’s films are vocational in nature, meaning designed to inspire a person to manage a skilled trade that does not require a few years to obtain a degree.  Jobs such as floral design can be a profession that just requires a knack for creativity, dependability and short term studies.  We live in a time that a person can graduate from a long term program only to find their target market had changed or became saturated in the mean.  So, short term vocational pursuits can offer more reasonable goals and diversification of skill sets.

Presently Deborah Dolen gifts her work to state and Federal vocational rehab programs such as Georgia, North Carolina and most recently Ohio as well as the Job Corps.  Her work is taught in the Canadian, U.K. school systems as well as a few Montessori based schools. Below is a short clip on how to make an Impromptu Bouquet with flowers such as ones from your garden.

Follow Deborah Dolen on Twitter for current updates and check out Deborah Dolen on Facebook for news and announcements. Search “Deborah Dolen Author” or “Deborah Dolen Books” for tons of free recipes, formulas and ideas.  Deborah Dolen’s work is available on Amazon Kindle and DPT Instant Download.  In Europe, Deborah Dolen’s work is now available on Amazon UK and Amazon France

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    • Brenda says:

      Well i went to buy mine at Best Buy. They told me i had to pay 15 bucks a month but for 3G but so far nothing has nofiited me that i have to pay anything. I have the 3G one now and it works perfectly fine. I will have to wait to see if i really do have to pay every month (which amazon says that we don’t have to)

  2. Deborah Dolen is a resident of Bradenton, Florida and author of 28 DIY books teaching topics such as soap, making candles, floral design, making natural bath and body products and even making melt and pour chocolate. Deborah Dolen’s initial pen name was Mabel White, a nick name assigned to her by her late husband who was from Sarasota, Florida. In late 2007 Author Deborah Dolen was a resident of Houston Texas for a brief period of time, and moved back to Florida after being directly affected by Hurricane Ike in Galveston autumn of 2008. Ironically Deborah Dolen was in Texas that year to avoid Florida’s hurricane season.

    Deborah Dolen Mobile – In late 2011 all of Deborah Dolen’s work became exclusively available on Amazon’s Whispernet mobile platforms such as Amazon Kindle. Deborah Dolen also agreed to allow Amazon to be an exclusive merchant for her 7 DIY vocational films on Amazon’s Instant Video download division. Deborah Dolen’s kindle books are available on the Amazon Kindle platform under Deborah Dolen Amazon and Mabel White Amazon. Deborah Dolen is very active on the mobile platforms Twitter Deborah Dolen, Facebook, and Deborah Dolen’s Blog.

    Starting the New Year 2012 Deborah Dolen’s books and films became available on Amazon UK and Amazon France. The Bradenton, FL author was very happy about that and by the end of 2012 Deborah Dolen’s work will be available on Amazon Italy, Amazon Germany and Amazon Spain. Deborah Dolen loves Twitter so much her dog Ringo has his own Twitter page! For more about Deborah Dolen author click here.

    Currently Deborah Dolen is offering a free Aromatherapy Curriculum on her Blog as a promotion for her Amazon Kindle Books and Amazon Prime offer. Deborah Dolen’s books can be found on Amazon by clicking this link. Deborah Dolen is actively involved in Writer’s Digest and the Christian Authors Guild.

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