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How to Make Candles with Deborah Dolen
Deborah Dolen Filming Candles Main

Deborah Dolen Filming Candles Main

How to Make All Kinds of Candles with Deborah Dolen


“How to Make candles with Deborah Dolen is very fun and covers a broad range of candle making.  Soy candles, Ice candles, Sand candles – (made right on a beach,) chunk candles, pillar candles, recycled wax candles, “candle in a minute,”  beeswax candles and just about and “fat” that can be burned can make for a candle.  Candles are basically all energy derived from a fat-in most cases we know this as wax or oil by products.

Deborah Dolen will tell you filming “How to Make Candles” was almost as fun as filming floral design 101 and 102.   Part of the reason why is Deborah was able to make on candle on her beach, in the film, called “making a sand candle.”  basically creating a “mote” in sand, supporting a wick and then pouring hot wax into the void.   Also covered is how to make heavily scented candles, basically two ounces of fragrance oil per pound of wax. 

Deborah’s all time favorite candle is the pillar chunk.  This is because you can save scraps of all your “retired” or “spent” candles and sort them in chunks by color-making sure the old wick, and debris are removed.  But the chunks set up nicely in a mold, more so if colors are selected in contrast-such as purple and orange, and set around a new wick.  At that point simple clear and new hot paraffin wax is poured over and cooled.  This usually results in a gorgeous bleed of colors and an almost tie dye look.  You can secure paraffin wax in the canning section of most grocery stores. It is typically sold by the pound and used in jam and jelly making.     The heat forces the colored chunks to “bleed” and often gives it a beautiful finished look.

For this reason Deborah just buys brightly colored votifs that are on sale.  She will pull out the wicks and store the votif wicks for other projects.  The wax from the votifs she will gently smash and store in a container of wax peices for that specific color.  Often orange, purple and red are in her designs.

She likes chunk pillars so much she encourages her friends and family to save their spent candles and give them to her.  So, when she makes candles twice a year or so, she will make a new chunk pillar as a gift to hand back to the person giving her spent materials.

“A Candle in a Minute” is simply arranging your wick up tight and taught (deborah secures the bottom of her wicks with a large glue dot) and then pouring beaded wax around it the wick – while in a container such as a jelly jar.  Its best to pack the wax a little.  Many waxes these days come in “Pastilles” or little beads and even kids can do this project since it requires zero heat.    The finished product will burn nicely.

When making any candle your choice of wick will be your most important decision.  A wick too small will have problems as well as a wick to large will burn your creation down too fast. Always pay attention to your choice of wick.  Deborah tends to like zinc wicks for natural or refined waxes, although the rule of thumb is usually hemp wick for natural waxes such as soy. 

Follow Deborah Dolen on Twitter for current updates and check out Deborah Dolen on Facebook for news and announcements. Search “Deborah Dolen Author” or “Deborah Dolen Books” for tons of free recipes, formulas and ideas.  Deborah Dolen’s work is available on Amazon Kindle and DPT Instant Download.  In Europe, Deborah Dolen’s work is now available on Amazon UK and Amazon France

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  4. It takes a special talent to be the kind of person that assists others at becoming better at what they enjoy doing. Deborah Dolen is one of those people. She brilliantly creates helpful and informative literature that inspires others to shine. She takes the best of what she knows and shares it with a writing style that motivates folks to rise above the crowd to become the best in their area of interest.

  5. Ms. Dolen’s work is taught in many schools in the United Kingdom as many formulas apply to math, science, and measuring systems. Her books range from making candles to making body lotion, healing salves, to natural cleaning methods. All media shares the common thread of using natural resources and avoiding chemicals when possible.

  6. Summer season holiday is actually an unbelievably pricey time with regard to moms and dads just what using outings along with activities. Making candles is a great idea!

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    Keep on Keeping on!

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