Fresh Cut Flower Solution by Deborah Dolen



Extending the Life of Fresh Cut Flowers with a Fresh Cut Flower Solution
by Deborah Dolen

Tap water is a front line enemy of fresh cut flowers, at least use filtered water pitcher if you want longer lasting fresh cut flower arrangements, such as a PUR water filter. Brita only seems to
get chlorine out, PUR gets many minerals and microorganisms out also.  I
never drink tap or allow my pets to drink tap water – so nor would I want my
flowers to drink it. Tap water contains too many minerals and residues.

Many people in the florist industry use a combination of 3 parts tap water, to 1 part can of Sprite soda and a few drops of bleach to feed their fresh cut flowers but I find my formula of hydrogen peroxide in filtered water to be superior in delivering oxygen up the stems of fresh cut flowers as well as keeping the water fairly clear and for extending the life of my fresh cut

A crushed adult aspirin in 4 ounces of water will help revive wilting fresh cut flowers as well as a teaspoon of sugar.  Fresh cut flowers LOVE sugar!


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